Beginnings Are Delicate Times

The start of the SCCA F4 regular season presented itself late in April while the air was still crisp with a cool breeze. It was jacket weather in the early morning but warmed considerably through the day. Virginia International Raceway would come alive with the roar of 36 Honda K20 C1 2.0 Liter engines purring harmoniously around the paddock as the Sun peeked over the treeline. While old friends and new competitors mingled at meetings and tech inspections, race car teams and drivers set out to make names for themselves. Some to test their skills, others to refine their talents, but all hungry for the title of “champion”. This is where careers begin, where hope bubbles in the blood stream. Possibilities hung in the air, along with the sweet smell of high octane fuel.

VIR is a picturesque venue that drapes dark ribbons of asphalt through a quaint rural setting of rolling hills and encroaching woodlands. With turn names like “Oak Tree, Horseshoe, and Hog Pen” the lure of the countryside is painted in the geography at every hairpin and sweeper. The track is a visual wonder that presents countless possibilities for beautiful photographs. Here’s a few of my favorites from round 1 of the F4 United States Championship Series.