Drifting Down South

Round two delivered the F4 series to Road Atlanta for races four, five and six. Hot weather combined with southern humidity levels created some slick track situations. In addition to that, we were sharing this event with a Formula Drift competition, which added exponentially to slippery track. (I had never photographed any drifting competitions and I captured a few nice pictures so I included them in the gallery.) This was my first time to the famed Road Atlanta and it did not disappoint. Soft morning light spilled onto the distant turns 7 and 8 during an early practice bringing to life the colourful F4 cars against the famous orange walls and dark green foliage. Cars funneling down the esses into the snaking turn 5 made for some nice pictures as the field displayed its procession down the 65 foot drop from the peak at turn 4. During the midday sunshine Road Atlanta bakes, and that took its toll on a few of the racers, demonstrating that speed requires not only skill but stamina. Familiar faces graced the podium steps along with a few welcome additions. The championship race was beginning to take shape.

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