2018-12-06 Balls and Baubles

What a delight to see all the festive colours dazzling in spherical exposition. Hanging from trees, wreaths, banisters, hats, or tails, Christmas ball bring laughter to the season. Imaging a cat playing with the balls hanging low beneath the tree or chasing one as it rolls along the ground. Reflected sights of smiling friends and family shine off the glossy finishes or soft hues bounce from the matte finishes of other Christmas balls.

Baker-181125-Longwood Gardens-120 rear.JPG

2018-12-04 Coloured Lights

Why? I don't know, and I don't care. The're awesome, the're dazeling, the're spell binding. Whomever thought of decorating with lights deserves our highest praise. How best to transform the mundane Winter landscape of barren trees and boring houses? Set tiny magical gems of light all over them that wake up each evening as the Sun sets. Sparkles and twinkles light up the night all around reminding everyone of the mystical qualities and the surprises that await us each evening. Whether they light Santa's way or bring a golden glow to the world, bless the illuminating wonder of Christmas lights.

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2018-12-02 Old and Familiar Places

My wife and I make a point to visit Longwood Gardens during the holidays. It's not only a tradition, but a glimpse into the magic of professional Christmas decorating. There's a month and a half devoted to glistening lights, glowing baubles, shimering ornaments, and the natural beauty of the gardens both inside and outside. It is a crowded time often filled with wide eyed children and slow moving grandparents but with paitience and endurance capturing some special moments is worth the wait.

The Longwood Gardens Conservatory on a chilly morning in December 2018

The Longwood Gardens Conservatory on a chilly morning in December 2018

2018-12-01 Christmastime

As another year ebbs away my thoughts turn to the holidays and the happy joys of celebrations through past decades. Next year I'll be half a century old so this marks my 50th Christmas. I remember the fun and unbridled expectations of Santa's visits as well as the cherished warmth of dear friends and family gatherings. Time marches on and I'm just as caught up in the ride as the rest of the world. With every passing year December comes and goes more quickly, and it seams there's much more to get accomplished then moments to savor. So this year I'm trying to showcase some holiday scenes of reflection to pause over and cherish as the rush of life whirls about. (Now press F11)