SRO America at Watkins Glen

I've gotten to see a lot of beautiful things over the past 50 years and over this past weekend, my tally of awesome moments grew a bunch. The exotic cars in the SRO America racing series brought a special elegance to the New York countryside at Watkins Glen International. Seeing these ultra-expensive works of art tear around the historic turns of this timeless circuit brings out feelings of awe and wonder at every twist and turn. The roar of such rare beauties being pushed to their limits carving around the black ribbons of asphalt was like a sweet symphony of cheetas on the hunt. The competition was fierce as these unleased animals hunted victory through the wine country of the finger lakes. It was a great weekend for photos as well...

All photos © Gavin Baker / 2019

Some photos are for sale here in the 2019 SRO America Watkins Glen Gallery

Formula 4 at Mid-Ohio

I can't say enough about the Mid-Ohio SportsCar Course and how well the F4 Americas cars perform there. It's great sharing the stage with the popularity of the NASCAR scene because they draw a big crowd, which is a real treat for not only the drivers and the spectators but also, my photos! It's nice to see race cars against green countryside backdrops or pushed up into the blue of the sky, but getting the colors of the crowd is something special.

The weekend was dominated by Joshua Car from the Crosslink/Kiwi Motorsport team but some shining stars appeared on the podium introducing some new blood into the points race. Kiko Porto returned to the top step after the first race and his teammate Guilherme Peixoto of DEForce Racing claimed two third-place finishes and grabbed a nice fat check for securing the Cameron Das Fast Qualifier Award. Another driver hungry for some time on the podium was Nicky Hays of DC Autosport with Cape Motorsports. His "have no fear" racing style sent shutters through the crowd as his out-breaking techniques raised the hairs on every viewer's neck. Christian Brooks also returned to the podium for the third race. After a difficult start to the weekend, the Jay Howard Driver Development driver managed to get the car sorted out and landed on the podium of the final race.

A great weekend surrounded by close racing, big crowds, and competitive friendship. It's what every series should hope to attain.

All of these (and many more) photos from the weekend are available at the F4 Mid-Ohio Photo gallery

Xfinity series takes over Mid-Ohio

I think the Xfinity racers love road courses almost as much as I do, especially Mid-Ohio. The 2.25-mile course is full of elevation changes for great photo opportunities and there are plenty of long straights for drafting and overtaking to keep things exciting. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy a pass on an oval track but there's just something special about watching a technical maneuver being executed at high speeds during a knockdown drag-out fight for the lead through the twists and turns of an exciting country road course. In all honesty, wouldn't you rather take an exhilarating ride through the countryside than on a highway? Experiencing the feelings of the suspension compression at every turn, acceleration through the apex, speeding off to the next playful twist along the road to a far off destination is exhilarating and fulfilling.
Congratulations to Austin Cindric and Team Penske on their second win in the series, and coming directly after the first one this is a great accomplishment. I'm looking for him to be in a great position to win the championship. Enjoy some of my favorite pictures from the event.

All the photos are ©Gavin Baker / NKP

NASCAR at Watkins Glen

Shooting at Watkins Glen International is always a thrill and this was the first time I have worked there this year. NASCAR is a rather special thing at the Glen. The stock cars don't use the full circuit, they omit the "boot" so each lap is a bit shorter than when SRO or IMSA races there. The stands are usually full of people when the Monster Energy series rolls into town which adds to some racing views. Campers and tents fill the backgrounds, sometimes distracting from the action but that's the reality of the event. These are my favorites from the weekend. Please note that all photos are © Gavin Baker/ NKP

SCCA F4 at VIRginia International Raceway

Beautiful days with breathtaking views and scrappy young competitors made for high-level action and drama at rounds 7-8-9 in the 2019 F4 Americas series this past weekend at VIRginia International Raceway. Amazing starts, extreme driving skills, and mega drafts meant the circuit was a rollercoaster of excitement for the young road warriors. These are a few of my favorite pictures from the weekend. Press F11 on your computer for the full-screen effect. Click here to see the full gallery where you may also purchase prints and downloads.