The Why

Why is such a human question. Why did this happen? Why do things happen to me? Why am I here? Why, why, why...

This small tree is in a row of a dozen trees. They line a road in Valley Forge National Historic Park, and yet all the other trees in the line are green. Why did this one’s leaves change sooner than all the rest? Why was the Sun at the right elevation to illuminate the clouds with such colors? Why did I happen to notice it, or why was I there at that exact time?

We search for answers to these questions to explain the mysteries of our lives. For some people there exists a higher power, for others science probes for answers, for others it’s chance or even karma.

Whatever conclusions we find, the infinity of questions grows.

Maybe we are asking the wrong question...

The Why

Nikon D800 Sigma 24-70mm f/2.8 @ 24mm f/8 ISO 100 5 image HDR 1/20-.8sec