Halloween Memories

Anyone who knows me realizes that my memory works like a sieve. Unfortunately it’s a sieve with a broken screen that has holes big enough for grapefruits to pass through. One of my first Halloween memories was getting to dress up like my favorite super hero, who at that time was the incorruptible Mighty Mouse. Don’t laugh; he had a career of 80 films. Usually my brother and I had the store bought Halloween costumes, the ones that impaired vision and limited breathing, so running from house to house to amass great quantities of candy was almost impossible. The best thing I learned at this time was that those hollowed out plastic pumpkin containers are horrible for collecting treats. Kids, the way to go is with a pillow case - a big and strong one.
I remember taking the tuba out one year with a few friends and we made the rounds as a Dixieland band, playing “I wish I was in Dixie” and “Roll out the Barrel” long into the night. One of my most memorable costumes was when I dressed as a young mom who was just along with her kids trick or treating. I followed a bunch of children into my girlfriend’s parents’ house and scared the daylights out of my girlfriend. Ah the good old days.

Graveyard Sunrise

Nikon D800 Sigma 24-70mm f/2.8 @ 44mm ISO 100 6 image HDR