Encouragement is something everyone needs from time to time. Positive feelings conveyed from friends viewing your art is emotionally gratifying. But then, sometimes, “at-a-boy’s” come from mentors, people we look up to, professionals we aspire to emulate. This happened to me yesterday. Every week Kelby training hosts an internet show called The Grid where oodles of photography subjects are bantered about. Sometimes they do critiques. I submitted a few of my pictures for scrutiny yesterday when +Matt Kloskowski asked for submissions to the show for an HDR discussion. Some of my images use this type of post processing. I will not discuss what High Dynamic Range processing is here for that is a lengthy discussion that I will save for a later date. Three of my pictures were selected (I was elated). This is the link to the show: The Grid Episode 71 The State of HDR The first 30 minutes are devoted to the upside and downside to HDR pictures, critiques start at 33 minutes 50 seconds. My reviews are late in the show at 55 minutes 45 seconds.

This is the first of my three images

Nikon D800 Tokina 16-28mm f/2.8@ 16mm f/9 ISO 100 5 image HDR 1/160-1/10 sec