A big weekend for the NHRA at Maple Grove Raceway

As I said on Friday, I was scheduled to attend the NHRA drag races at Maple Grove raceway just outside of Reading Pennsylvania. What I couldn’t have known at the time was that I would witness history in the making. Jack Beckman drove his Funny Car down a quarter mile track in UNDER 4 seconds, finishing at a speed of just over 320 mph. Can you imagine how that feels? I can’t, but what I can tell you is this. I was standing roughly 40 yards in front of the starting line and about 15 yards to the side of the racetrack to take this picture. The roar was deafening when the car passed me, even with ear protection. There was a loud hum that was so deep, I felt it more than heard it. My chest felt like it’s was being thumped on by giant fists. The concussion of the soundwaves against my body pushed me back as the car raced by with blinding speed, and the heat from the fire breathing exhaust engulfed me soon after. The ground shaking power I felt can’t be overstated. It was both breath taking (literally) and exhilarating. An historic night at the races.

Jack Beckman's 3.989 second quarter mile

Nikon D800 Sigma 70-200mm f/2.8 + 2x tele @ 400mm f/5.6 ISO 800 1/1000 sec

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