#TravelTuesday Boston

A few years ago my wife and I took a weekend trip to visit Boston. I am a big history fan and Boston plays a big role in America’s early days. We enjoyed two walking tours of the historic area while we were visiting, one about the city’s role in the birth of our great nation and one about its darker side. Both tours were given by Boston by Foot, were fun and informative, which brings me to a point I need to share. Private tours: If you are traveling to a city or region that you don’t know well invest in a private guide. Not necessarily for the whole visit, but for part of it. We have had guides in Boston, San Antonio, London, Rome and Florence. The money spent has provided stellar information and priceless time and money savings. Back to Boston... One of the pieces of art I found fascinating was commissioned for the bicentennial in 1976. The artwork is embedded into the streets around the Haymarket district. It represents the trash of the market. Bronze sculptures were inlaid into concrete, depicting litter that would have been discarded onto the street during busy market days. I find it strange, but when I think back on our trip to Boston, it’s one of the first images I remember.

The Streets of Boston