#TravelTuesday Kerry Ireland

Earlier this year my wife and I visited Ireland One of the places we wanted to see was the Ring of Kerry. This much talked about attraction goes around the Iveragh Peninsula, along the Southwest coastline. Beautiful vistas looking out towards the Atlantic Ocean are scattered along the treacherous drive. The tour buses navigate narrow roads by each driving counter clockwise to prevent head on traffic stoppage. Our bus driver was deft at his skills of narrating the tour, driving the enormous tour bus, and imbibing Irish Coffee. We stayed in the town of Kerry at a spacious bed and breakfast called Cahernane House Hotel. Its history dates back to the 17th century and it is beautifully maintained today. The picture today is the view from our room. Acute shades of green are everywhere in Ireland. The rolling countryside and lush vibrant hills extend on for what seems like ever. Ireland is a great place to get your feet wet in European travel. Highly recommended.

View from Cahernane House Hotel

Nikon D5100 Sigma 50-500mm @ 50mm f/13 ISO 100 HDR