#TravelTuesday Grattan Bridge Dublin Ireland

The final night of our trip to Ireland we spent in Dublin. It had been a long day of driving across the island. We had left the Ring of Kerry that morning and pulled into our hotel hungry and damp. Evening was approaching and it had brought pockets of rain into the city. It was time to check out the Temple Bar scene. To get there from our hotel required a ten block walk and traversing the River Liffey which divides Dublin into North and South halves. We crossed on the Millennium Bridge which gave us this wonderful view of Grattan Bridge. The Grattan was first erected in the 1600’s but had to be rebuilt a few times due to flooding and maintenance issues. The bridge today dates from 1874. While we were searching for a place to eat the drizzle subsided, and for a few moments the sun poked through the gray sky allowing the picture you see here.

Grattan Bridge Dublin Ireland

Nikon D5100 Tokina 11-16mm f/2.8 @ 11mm f/5.6 ISO 100 4 image HDR