2012 in Review

2012 was an exciting year for me, full of family fun times and meaningful interactions on a personal level. My craft as a photographer moved forward in great strides and I wanted to wrap up the year with some of my favorite pictures and moments.

January: After the holidays of 2011, which were very stressful, my wife and I wanted to take a little break someplace where it’s warm, sunny, and the tropical drinks flow freely. Turks and Caicos was where we decided to escape to. This was the view from the edge of our hotel .

Turks and Caicos View from the Hotel

We could gaze out over clear blue waters while being fanned by palm trees.  During one of our drives around the island I got one of my favorite pictures for the whole year. It sums up the serenity of island life and I can feel a gentle breeze when I stare at it.

Lagoon at Turks and Caicos


For my birthday we took a one day cruise out and back from New York City.  So I’m including an obligatory shot of the Statue of Liberty.

Statue of Liberty

This is not a favorite of mine, but the picture of my wife looking out from the deck is.

Heidi on the NYC cruise

We had a day in New York City where I did get to take some pictures on the streets.

The street of NYC


This was the month that I decided to really try and focus on photography.  It was a month of learning and searching for opportunities to expand photographically.  Spring was approaching and this was my favorite image from this time.

Spring enters


We visited Ireland in the middle of April and had a wonderful time.  The island is a beautiful place full of mystery and breathtaking vistas.  Everywhere I turned there was another scene that was too picturesque to pass by.  This is one of my favorites because it sums up Ireland so perfectly, deep greens, rolling pastures, cows, and glorious cloud formations.

Ireland country

This cityscape was taken on our last night in Dublin.  I really like the soft colors in the sky and along the buildings.



We attended the Coca-Cola 600 in Charlotte North Carolina. I shocked the security guard when I approached the gate at a quarter till dawn and asked if I could come in a take some pictures.  

Coca-Cola 600 pre-dawn

Later in the day we had pit passes so I got to practice some panning shots of the racecars. It was a great weekend especially because my wife’s favorite driver took the checkered flag Sunday night.

Jeff Gordon practicing at Charlotte Motor Speedway


The Summer brought some excitement with the first event being the Sarah McLachlan concert in Atlantic City at the Borgata.

Sarah McLachlan

Later that month Maple Grove Raceway had it’s 50th anniversary which included a car show.  The first I had ever photographed.

Maple Grove 50th anneversary car show

Trying to find local attractions to photograph I revisited Valley Forge National Historic Park where my daughter volunteers as an historical interpreter.  This is one of my favorites from inside the Chapel.

Valley Forge Memorial Chapel


For Christmas of 2011 my wife had booked us tickets to attend the World Moto GP motorcycle race in Monteray California.  This was a very exciting gift for me, an ex-motorcycle racer. This shot is from the Corkscrew at Laguna Seca. Which may be the most famous turn in all of motorcycle racing.  The current world champion is on the white and blue Yamaha in this picture.

Down the Corkscrew at Laguna Seca

While we were there we got to drive through the breathtaking Big Sur region along the coast of California.

Big Sur


My wife’s birthday is in August and we try to spend a little time in Ocean City Maryland for the occasion.  At dawn on the beach of the first day I was awarded with this wonderful sunrise.

Sunrise in Ocean City Maryland

On the second day, driving down to the point in the dark dark hours of twilight, the rain and wind pushed me all over the road.  Thinking that pictures were beyond me that day I thought I would try a long exposure technique I had read about.  Much to my delight it produced one of my favorite images of the year.

Blue morning at the Warf


Exploring more facets of photography I had opportunities to shoot some sporting events which have led to ongoing commitments with a few local schools and universities.  More news to follow on these events.  On September 11th I was taking my daughter home from art class when we decided to drive through Valley Forge and got another one of my favorites for the year.

Sunset in Valley Forge

In the search for amazing sunsets and sunrises this appeared in Hibernia Park

Hibernia Park sunset

and this appeared in the Willows.

The Willows sunrise


The National Hot Rod Association comes to Maple Grove raceway, and this year I witnessed history when a car traveled a quarter mile in under 4 seconds at 320 mph. What a thrill.

History at Maple Grove

To finish up the motorsports section we also attended the NASCAR race in Dover Delaware.  Known as the “Monster Mile” the entrance to the track is menaced by this creature.

The "Monster" from Dover International Speedway


Just after Thanksgiving my wife and I returned to Sedona Arizona for a fresh start to the busy Christmas season.  We got to see it from above in a hot air balloon

Sedona balloon ride

and we did plenty of hiking.  This has got to be one of the most beautiful places on Earth.



I attended the Firebird Festival in Phoenixville for something to do on  Saturday evening.  I had never seen it before, but of course my itchy trigger finger wanted to shoot the event.  The pictures gleaned from it got me noticed by quite a few establishments including the chamber of commerce, the event coordinators and a local newspaper.

Firebird Festival

Finishing up the year this last shot is from Longwood Gardens where their Christmas lighting is always spectacular.

Longwood at Christmastime

Best wishes to all in 2013, Happy New Year!