#TravelTuesday Venice

My honeymoon was in Italy a few years ago. My wife and I fell in love with Venice. The romance, the ambience, the gelato and of course the novelty of boats instead of cars. With it’s intricate system of causeways and bridges, Venice is a walkers paradise. There is also a thrill knowing that while visiting a city that is old and full of history the land itself may not be around much longer. The city floods several times each year and with much more frequency than in past centuries. Future generations may have their hands full reclaiming Italy’s gift from the sea.
Grand cathedrals, quaint niches, wonderful food, and friendly people await you in Venice. It is a beautiful place to visit. I must mention one thing I found a bit unnerving though. Often walking paths end abruptly at a canal. So be careful strolling after sunset, for some streets are not well lit, and a quick turn down a side street might have you swimming back to your hotel.