I drive quite a bit. Maybe 50k miles each year. I've had to practice a new form of imagination. When I'm looking at the busy streets, or crossing a bridge, or gazing over a landscape, I try to pretend what it would look like at dusk... dawn... snowy... foggy... I make notes of where there might be magic and wonder if it was a different time. Then I go back. This picture was like that. I'm on top of the Gay Street Bridge (Rt. 113) in Phoenixville looking southwest. The path is 80 feet beneath the bridge and appears to lead right to the sunset. I'm glad I took notes.

The Green Path to Sunset

Shot with: Nikon D5100 Nikkor 17-55mm f2.8

Settings: 17mm f13 HDR of 5 images  1/125 - 6 seconds