Who Really Knows

I thought I would give some explanation as to why there are giant rocks around Sedona and how they came to be there. Best I can figure out from my reading is that they are ancient, and when I say ancient, I mean 100 million years ago, when the world was vastly different from the way it appears today. Eons ago the top of the cliffs may have been beachfront property as the Pacific Ocean’s waves crashed against them. This thinking seems somewhat backwards from what would be obvious to anyone standing at their base, that these giant red rocks somehow were pushed up from within the Earth. Maybe volcanic activity , or tremendous earthquakes birthed these immense structures. Or maybe (which seems more of a consensus) the softer more porous ground around them just eroded away, revealing the landscape we know today as Sedona.

Nikon D4 Sigma 70-200mm f/2.8 plus Sigma 1.4 tele @ 250mm f/7.1 ISO 250 1/500 sec