#TravelTuesday Key West

In the chilling season of Winter I highly recommend a quick trip to someplace warm. Somewhere magically relaxing and peaceful. Somewhere that the day’s objective is to find the perfect Key Lime Martini. Somewhere whose natives are so laid back, fine dining could be had with no shirt and no shoes. If you’ve never been to Key West you’re missing out on one of God’s greatest gifts. The island is bewitching in its beauty, but its charm is in its attitude.

I can try to explain a lazy afternoon spent on the beach, with cool breezes of seventy two degrees drifting across the freshly refilled margarita glass dug in the sand beneath the hammock on which you recline. The noise from the gentle surf calms your nerves and beckons you to release those lingering thoughts. Steel drums play in the distance, and the lime rind you have been fondling in your left hand falls gently to the ground, as the sun falls beneath the horizon.

But I can’t explain it. I can’t give you the experience. Make the time. Go there for yourself, and never want to leave.

Key West