It’s that little lift you need in the middle of a long day, or that shot of adrenalin before an important meeting, or even that stimulation to keep you awake as the hours grow late. For me, it’s espresso. Visiting Italy on my honeymoon I was introduced to this puny but potent powerhouse. It’s served in a mini coffee cup, called a demitasse, has a little saucer beneath it and usually a tiny spoon to stir any sweetener you choose. In Italy, it is offered after meals. I quickly embraced the tradition and I now delight in the little pick-me-up it conveys. My thanks to Italy, the coffee bean, and my eagerness to try foreign customs (although the three glasses of wine with dinner may have had something to do with it) for introducing this petite pleasure into my life.

Nikon D800 Tokina 100mm f/2.8 macro @ 100mm f/14 ISO 100 2sec