Bobby Gunn vs. Glen Johnson

Lately I’ve had the opportunity to photograph some boxing events. Last evening I was covering the Bobby Gunn vs. Glen Johnson match put on by Xtreme Fighting Events at the Sands Casino in Bethlehem, PA. After watching these two professionals hammer on each other for eight rounds, Glen Johnson was declared the winner. As the official was announcing the results, Bobby Gunn (green plaid trunks) requested the use of the microphone and announced that he was retiring from boxing. He said that he wanted his last fight to be against a true champion, and for his son to watch him fight. It showed that even though two men, who just spent the better part of 45 minutes beating on each other, were human, and had emotions just like the rest of us. What father wouldn’t want his son to be proud? What man wouldn’t want their last stand to be against a true champion? Who wouldn’t give every last breath for their family?

Best wishes in your retirement Bobby Gunn.

These are a couple of my favorite pictures of him from last night.