Changes in Elevation

One of the reasons I chose Puerto Rico for our Winter holiday was because the island has varying elevations. Photographs across flat landscapes sometimes lack excitement, so I thought I would stack the deck in my favor. In addition to this picture taking advantage, the fact that our resort was part of a meticulously maintained golf course guaranteed spacious and picturesque foregrounds. Which brings me to a sad point that I hesitate to mention, while our resort was glorious, traveling outside of it was not. The abrupt change between paradise and the dilapidated surrounding community made me start to wonder if the charm and enchantment of the island’s beauty was being taken for granted. I guess if I woke up in a beautiful environment everyday it would be easy to feel that it would last forever, but driving down main highways and seeing abandoned cars and houses suffering serious neglect, and even vacant car dealerships that looked like the owners just walked away five years ago, made me melancholy. My relaxing joy had a kink in its armor now.

Nikon D800 28-300mm f/3.5-5.6 @ 78mm f/11 ISO 100 1/125 se