Spring Colors

Right now things are changing. In years past I remember the beginning of spring more as an event rather than a process. I remember trees in blossom followed by a few weeks of pedaled messes in the streets. I recall looking out into the woodlands behind my house which had suddenly been made over with fresh green leaves, and I remember the dismay of mosquito bites and gnats around my head in the early mornings or cool evenings when water was close by.
Now I look differently. I have been waiting for Spring for weeks, searching for signs of change. Sunday morning I was at Marsh Creek State Park, hours before it opened. I took the photo you see below. The grass is straining to become green and the yellowed hay is withering away. The trees on the bank look like dark branches until you look closer and notice the color peeking out from their ends. The trees across the lake are definitely not in their summer outfits yet, but preparing their budding limbs for what is to come. It’s an in-between time right now. I’m glad this year I can appreciate it.

Nikon D800 Nikkor 28-300mm f/3.5-5.6 ISO 100 7 Image HDR