An Evening Walk

I enjoy hiking, but hiking in the Spring requires a different mindset. When I’m walking in the woods I’m usually looking for things to photograph, wildlife, vistas, sunsets, etc. That means I’m carrying gear with me. Not hiking gear if I’m out for a short walk, but heavy lenses, tripods, cases, and other paraphernalia. In the Autumn or Winter wearing protective clothing is not only essential, but comfortable. Long pants to stay warm in winter, repel poison foliage in the Spring. Hats to keep ears warm in the cold function to keep falling ticks out of my hair in the warmer bug infested forests, are just a few of the items that make Spring hiking quite a different experience. Boots become mired in mud and gook from waterlogged trails, hats become collectors of sweat, and long pants just seem like torture when shorts would be so much more comfortable. I’ll keep at it of course. Well protected and prepared. The rewards outweigh the minor inconveniences, don’t you think?

Nikon D800 Tokina 16-28mm f/2.8 @ 16mm f/16 ISO 100 9 image HDR