Beach Week

The solstice has passed us by and from here on out every day gets a little bit shorter. The good part is that Summer has just begun. My wife and I have just returned from our short trip to see Aspen Colorado, so I have plenty of pictures to process, and that will keep me busy in the weeks to come. We live a few hours from the Atlantic Ocean and this time of year stories, Facebook posts, Twitter updates and Google plus check ins happen at the shore. So this week I’m declaring “Beach Week”. For the next few days I will post my favorite beach pictures I have taken over the past few years, so sit back, relax, pour yourself a cold one, and enjoy.

Ocean City, Maryland One of the beach photographs I love is the one I made into the desktop calendar for June 2013. If you want to see the post and download it, click here. I was jumping up and down for joy watching the Sun glaze the sky with its assortment of color when I happened to turn around to grab a different lens from my bag and I saw the view pictured below. So next time you find yourself experiencing something miraculous, keep your senses open to what’s happening all around you. The moment may explode with possibilities.

Nikon D5100 17mm f/13 ISO 100 5 image HDR