To be a Mole or an Eagle, Decisions, Decisions...

The drive from Denver to Aspen presented us with a decision. We could either take the Eisenhower Tunnel or scale the treacherous Loveland Pass. The tunnel was built in 1973, so that during the heavy snowfall that often blankets the area eighteen wheeled trucks would still be able to travel West from Denver. We decided the views would be much better from 11,990 feet above sea level, so we packed up the Kia Soul, gave a little prayer for the 138hp 4 cylinder engine and headed out.

Pano of Loveland Pass

Above is a six image panorama of the view from one of the switchbacks on the climb up the pass.  In the distance you can see cars entering the Eisenhower Tunnel.  We neared the top and someone (I’ll let you guess who) kept deciding to park and take more pictures. 


All the while I kept getting a headache that seemed  to increase with every mile.  After a few more brief stops I realized the altitude was really taking its toll on me.  This was something I had not expected.  Getting out of the car and walking thirty feet to an outlook became tiresome.  

Heading down the other side brought relief for both of us. Headaches and nausea receded as more beautiful vistas appeared.


I especially like the traffic sign that explains where you want to center your gaze to view the “SCENIC AREA”.  I guess if it were pouring rain or you were traveling at night you might want to imagine what could be there that you couldn't see.


Here’s us, stretching our weary legs. I knew the remote control for the camera would come in handy ;)


Finally a few hours later we arrived at our hamlet for the next few days,  Snowmass Village.