#TravelTuesday Denver

Affectionately known as the “Mile High City” Denver’s official altitude is exactly one mile above sea level. A population of about six hundred thousand makes it the 23rd most populated city in the United States. We flew into and out of the city on our visit to Aspen. Many of the towns in the Colorado area were born during the mining rush in the 1800’s and Denver is no exception. General William Larimer originally staked a claim on November 22, 1858 to the territory and named it Denver City. (Possibly he was trying to find favor with (you may read kiss the butt of) the then governor of the Kansas Territory, James Denver)
The time we spent in the city itself was brief, but enjoyable. It consisted of a lunch and a few hours at the airport. The picture here was taken just before a heavy storm rolled into town the evening we were leaving. On the way to the airport we pulled over on a highway giving me just enough time to play a little human “Frogger” and capture this skyline.

Denver - Mile High City

Nikon D800 Tamron 24-70mm f/2.8 @ 65mm f/9 ISO 400 5 image HDR