I’m not good at it. My mind races with possibilities. Infinite facets of the future dance in my mind’s eye while I wait. It can be maddening. It’s a curse, and it’s so human. That’s what darted through my mind as I watched this dragonfly. It was perched on a leaf casually waiting. I was cautiously approaching, changing lenses, changing camera settings, plotting, planning, thinking, wondering, covering all possible changes in the next minute. Would it fly away, what would be the clearest background to photograph it against, how fast would my shutter need to be to freeze any movement from the wind, can I get to an angle where the sun is reflecting off of its wings? It’s amazing how fast questions can rise and fall in the mind. It’s astounding how loud it can become in the silence of our thoughts. Waiting isn’t easy for me, but I’m glad the dragonfly had patience.


Nikon D800 Tokina 100mm f/2.8 macro @ 100mm f/14 ISO400 1/200 sec