#TravelTuesday Ocean City, Maryland

Thomas Fenwick obtained the land which is now Ocean City (along with much of the surrounding area) from the native Indians who lived there and in 1869 the first hotel opened in the town then known as “The Ladies’ Resort to the Ocean”. Quickly, the narrow strip of land running along the easternmost part of Maryland, became a vacation hot spot. People would frequent the resort town from Philadelphia, New York and the surrounding areas, and with the construction of bridges and tunnels southwards, seasonal tourists poured in from Washington D.C. Today the city is just over 36 square miles, but only a little more than 4 miles are dry land. The year round population is approximately eight thousand, but eight million people visit annually. If you’re looking to have the “Atlantic Shore Experience” Ocean City, MD has all the attractions from its well maintained beaches, night clubs, boardwalk, miniature golf courses, and first class food. Grab the kids and head off to the beach!