#TravelTuesday Sand Beach Acadia National Park

At first I thought it was redundant, Sand Beach, but then I realized that this beach is the only waterfront in Acadia that is sandy. Tiny shells and ocean pounded rocks make up this soft beach. Sand is unique to this area of Mount Desert Island which lures many tourists. If you want to spend time digging your toes in the shoreline or create castles from the terrain of Acadia, you have to visit Sand Beach. Access to the ocean is easy but be prepared. Even at the height of Summer the temperature barely reaches 55 degrees.

The first morning we were there the sky was thick with clouds. Sprinkles would occasionally splatter our faces but the low lying precipitation gave me a nice opportunity to do a little long exposure work. I combined a few different images, one long exposure and one fast to give a dreamy yet defined look to this picture, and then converted the piece to black and white.

I also liked the look of the soft green seaweed draped over the rounded rocks being washed by the incoming tide.  So I clicked away trying to capture a moment in the life of a million year old shoreline.


The view of the beach from the Loop Road of the park shows its placement being nestled away in the recesses of Newport Cove.

Nikon D800 and various lenses