Again and Again

I’ve taken this picture before. Actually, I’ve parked, walked to this location, set up my camera, and taken this picture five times in the past few months. After looking at it the next day, I always felt it was ok, but nothing special. One time it was overcast and the clouds obscured the fields in the background. Another time it was later in the evening and the barn was just a dull brown smudge. Another time the clouds in the sky looked tired and harsh, and once, the image I shot was slightly out of focus. Needless to say I was skeptical, but optimistic when I spied the barn’s top half bathed in sunlight and puffy white clouds floating above it. I’m glad I tried again.

Nikon D800 Tamron 24-70mm f/2.8 @ 24mm f/9 ISO 100 5 image HDR