The Subject

For the past few months I’ve been given a special gift in a way. I’m a sports photographer and with that moniker certain photographic attributes present themselves. In my pictures usually the subject is well defined. It needs to be. It’s what I was taking a picture of. It’s my job. In sports often the subject is an athlete doing what they do best, either hitting, catching, racing, celebrating victory or emoting their despair in defeat. My challenge is to soak in that specific moment of time, capture everything I can about it, and convey it to whomever views my picture. It’s this challenge that separates an artist from someone just pushing a button. Whether it's an all star pitcher delivering the ball to home plate, a colorful racecar speeding around a track, or the soft morning light glowing through the branches of a dew filled sapling, it’s the subject of the photograph that carries the weight of a moment through time. Challenge accepted.

Morning Glow: Nikon D4 Tokina 100mm f/2.8 macro @ f/5.6 1/200 sec ISO 640