A Breath of Fresh Orange

With the wacky weather we’ve had in the Northeast so far this year, which included a hail storm in late May, I was a bit concerned about our little garden. I say “our” but it’s my wife’s care, concern, and hard work that really keeps things alive and growing. The golfball and larger sized ice balls that screamed from the sky, took quite a toll on the tender greenery that was quietly photosynthesizing away. The few daylilies we had the year before didn’t fare so well, sprouting about half as many as last year. Some of the blossoms had discolorations and gashes in their petals, but there was a shining star or two that pulled through quite handsomely.

Nikon D4 Tokina 100mm/2.8 macro @ 100mm f/25 ISO 400 1/400 sec. flash