NASCAR at Richmond International Raceway

A few weekend s ago I had the opportunity to work at the Richmond International Raceway when NASCAR was there for its Spring race of 2016.  Races are usually scheduled (at least for as long as I remember) for evening time for this venue but this time out the Sun was shinning.  Well, not the first day with many events cancelled or postponed due to rain.   I don't want to take responsibility for the weather, but it seams whenever I'm in Richmond, at least one day gets washed away. I should mention also that all images in this post are ©2016 by Action Sports Photography.

Richmond, VA - Apr 22, 2016: A rain soaked Victory Lane waits during the Toyota Owners 400 weekend at the Richmond International Speedway in Richmond, VA.

So here's a few of my favorite images that I took during the weekend.