NASCAR at The Glen

A road course for a NASCAR team is a bit of a challenge. With only two on the Sprint Cup schedule of 36 races they are an anomaly. A huge part of a racing team's research and development budget is spent on making their race car go fast, improve its handling and its breaking. The monkey wrench for a road course is that the car has to make right hand turns. I know this may sound a bit strange to someone that has never looked closely at a racecar, and specifically a Sprint Cup racecar, but for 34 races the cars are honed, tweaked, and designed to turn left with the greatest efficiency and power at speeds upwards of 140 mph. The car almost looks like it's turning left when it is parked. At Watkins Glen International and Sonoma Raceway, these fire breathing, high horsepower beasts have to evolve into machines that can hug the curves, bounce over curbs, wind through ess turns and gracefully exit corners. It's a challenge NASCAR has accepted, and the fans love it. Here's a few of my favorite images from the weekend. Enjoy.

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