2018-12-10 Army vs Navy

For many years now Philadelphia has played host to America's football game. Lincoln Financial Field is conveniently located roughly halfway between the United States Military Academy in West Point New York and the United States Naval Academy in Annapolis Maryland. Last Saturday marked the 119th occurance of this long time rivalry, and the spirit and enthusiasm lived up to the tradition. Hours before the kickoff two spearheads of America's armed forces marched onto the field individually displaying a panoply of sites for the adoring fans. First the Midshipmen took to the field dressed in their shining white hats and black coates while the polished gold trim reflected the bright sunlight that streamed into the arena. After paying respect to both sections in the stands they retired to their assigned seats. Soon after, the Army Cadets took to the field. While the United States Military Academy West Point Band played, rows and rows of cadets blanketed the gridiron. Their grey dress uniforms were a stark contrast to the earlier display but the gleam from golden buttons and badges would cut through the uniformity of color with flashes of dazzling brilliance. The cadets also paid their respects to the onlookers and orderly took their seats eclipsing another quarter of the stands opposite their Navy equivalents.

As the afternoon sped on, the tension of the annual rivalry heightened. Opening ceremonies delighted the crowd with cannon fire, two flyovers from four helicopters and four fighter jets, the "prisoner exchange" and the pregame coin toss by President Trump.

After all this there was still an epic game to be fought, and in the end Army would stand victorious over Navy 17-10.

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