Xfinity series takes over Mid-Ohio

I think the Xfinity racers love road courses almost as much as I do, especially Mid-Ohio. The 2.25-mile course is full of elevation changes for great photo opportunities and there are plenty of long straights for drafting and overtaking to keep things exciting. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy a pass on an oval track but there's just something special about watching a technical maneuver being executed at high speeds during a knockdown drag-out fight for the lead through the twists and turns of an exciting country road course. In all honesty, wouldn't you rather take an exhilarating ride through the countryside than on a highway? Experiencing the feelings of the suspension compression at every turn, acceleration through the apex, speeding off to the next playful twist along the road to a far off destination is exhilarating and fulfilling.
Congratulations to Austin Cindric and Team Penske on their second win in the series, and coming directly after the first one this is a great accomplishment. I'm looking for him to be in a great position to win the championship. Enjoy some of my favorite pictures from the event.

All the photos are ©Gavin Baker / NKP