F4 takes Sebring by Storm

In the ongoing battle of the F4 America championship battle, things got a whole lot clearer at Sebring. Josh Car, of Kiwi Motorsports, secured his grasp on the top spot in the race to be #1 in 2019. With a dominant season, Josh was the favorite even with the final round remaining in November taking place alongside the F1 event at Circuit of the Americas in Austin TX.

One of my favorite sets of pictures came when Josh exploded out of his race-winning car and celebrated with all the energy he could muster after just winning the race.

Let's take a moment to look at Sebring for a moment. It's pretty flat so elevation changes for pictures are almost impossible, except for inside the hairpin at turn 7. There's a tower built for what I can only imagine is to get some great coverage from two stories above the race cars as they speed past the backside of the hotel. Apart from that, the racetrack is adjacent to an airport, so it's mandatory I get a few pictures with some planes in the background. Being Florida also calls for a few palm tree photos and one of the other big "must-have" pictures would include the famous Mobile 1 bridge.

There are a few hidden gems that I particularly like for photos. One is drivers right between turns 15 and 16. The curbing makes a nice "S" shape through the photo and the background isn't too distracting. The other nice part about it being in the hot and humid Floridian summer, was that cumulous clouds were abundant and kept the skies filled with some drama.

Please enjoy a few of my favorites from the weekend below. All of them (and many more from the weekend) are available for sale at F4 Sebring Photos.