It’s a real thrill to be hiking along a trail, when the forest you’ve been trudging through for the last two hours opens up to a spectacular view. Turning a corner and having your mouth gape open in awe over the scene that presents itself in front of you is a memorable experience. Does it matter whether it was planned or natural? Is the beauty diminished by the creation? Someone designed the foliage in the picture below. It’s in the middle of an office park. The trees were obviously planted at approximately the same time, they are all reasonably the same height and girth. The grounds are manicured and maintained. The colors liven up the drive. It’s a pretty sight. If I came across it walking in the woods I would assume someone created it, things don’t usually spring up like this. I suppose it’s much the same question about a beautiful woman. Does she need make up, lipstick and eyeliner to be beautiful? Of course not, but if she is beautiful with them does that imply that she is less without them? Or just different? Is a sunset beautiful beneath a barren sky, above an arid foreground? Or is there beauty in all things? I’ll keep searching.

NIkon D800 Tamron 70-200mm f/2.8 140mm f/8 ISO 100