It’s that moment that unchains the mind, body and spirit. For some, its reclining on the beach. For others, it’s immersion in a good novel. For others, its the quiet of their home after the din of the day has faded away. We all plow through our hectic days yearning for respite, feeling the aches and pains of daily existence etch away at our bones. Everyone needs a little solace, a place, or time, or state of being that relaxes the world’s grip on our lives. The holidays are fast approaching, dragging their obligations, expenses, and hurried commotion along with them. Savor the fleeting moments of peace. Tuck them away. Hide them close by. Remember them in the impending rush, for after the mania subsides peace will return.

Nikon D4 Tamron 70-200mm f/2.8 @ 110mm f/9 ISO 400 3 image HDR