The Paris Opera House

I wrote about the opulence of the entrance to the opera house in Paris a few days ago, so I felt I owed you a picture. Imagine what it must have been like to attend the opera centuries ago. I would liken it to going to see a new blockbuster at the cinema, but that wouldn’t do it justice. There were no multiplexes with twenty choices of operas, no air conditioning, no texting. It was an event! Going to the opera was something for which you dressed up. Elegant ladies and refined gentlemen would see great works played before them for hours. They could lose their imaginations in stories of far off places, valiant heroes, and magical fantasies. This was their escape from the everyday drudgery. The opera was like fresh air blown into the soul to resuscitate its passion.

Grand Entrance to the Paris Opera House

Photoshop had to work hard on this picture, it's actually an eight photo panorama.