This is not a food blog; let me clarify that right here. I should also mention that I have seen WAY too many Facebook pictures of people’s food. The problem I find with most of them is that the food often looks like what to avoid at a restaurant rather than something that makes me salivate and check my watch to see how close dinner is. I’m not a “food photographer” but when something looks delectable there’s usually a camera close by.

I never drank coffee until my honeymoon. We were in Rome Italy and the waiter offered us an espresso after our meal. Trying to appear as an accomplished world traveler I agreed. Turns out, I love espresso. I usually order one after a nice meal whenever I am out, and I’m actually a little saddened if the waitress offers a coffee instead. Thinking back to that first tiny cup of vibrancy, I wonder about the decision. I wanted to experience Italy. I wanted to see it, hear it, and embrace its wonders. I wanted to taste it like an Italian would after a grand meal. It changed my life, that little cup of joy. Many of the foods I eat here in the states taste very different when prepared far from home. The seasonings, the soil, the latitude, and the government regulations all influence fine food, so when I travel, I try to soak up the local cuisine. Places known for their palettes often light up tastebuds I never knew I had. So don’t forget to dazzle all your senses when you travel.