Beach Week Continued... Gran Melia Puerto Rico

I didn’t get a chance to finish “Beach Week” last week so I’ll finish over the next few days. Last January we spent a long weekend at a resort in Puerto Rico called the Gran Melia. Part of the property is a private beach for vacationers to enjoy. I don’t want to sound snooty or elitist, but it is very nice to take a stroll along the beach at night or in the early morning twilight in Puerto Rico and not worry about getting jumped from behind a palm tree. I’m sure I could not say this about all the beaches there. The cleanliness of the beach area in the resort was impeccable.
All weekend long, peaceful waves lapped upon the beach and cool breezes drifted by. As the shade from the palm trees softened the midday sun, I decided that this may be my favorite beach... so far...

Nikon D800 Nikkor 28-300mm f/3.5-5.6 @ 28mm f/16 ISO 100